In order to improve the chances of your child having positive experience in our office, we are selective in our use of words. We try to avoid words that scare the child due to previous experiences. Please support us by NOT USING negative words that are often used for dental care.

Don't Use Our Equivalent
Needle or shot Sleepy teeth
Drill Tooth washer
Drill on a tooth Wash a tooth
Pull, yank, or extract a tooth Wiggle a tooth out
Decay or cavity Sugar bug
Examination Count teeth
Tooth cleaning Tickle or polish teeth
Explorer Tooth counter
Rubber dam Rain coat
Nitrous gas Space nose
Scaler Tooth wiper


This will also help you understand your child's description of their office experience. Our intention is not to “fool” your child; it is to create an experience that is positive. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us build a good attitude for your child!